Substitutes in Cricket – Live Cricket Coverage

Regarding the issue of substitutes in cricket, it works slightly differently in cricket. In cricket, there are 2 umpires on the pitch. One stands on one end of a pitch. The other stands parallel to the pitch at a farily large distance away from the pitch. He is called as the leg-umpire. His main purpose is to make decisions for run-outs and for bouncers that are too high. The two umpires switch places after every over.

The one standing at the end of a pitch is the one that is most important because he is the one that takes the decisions against leg before wicket which is one of the toughest decisions to make for the umpire. Also he keeps an eye out for no-balls. A no-ball occurs when the bowler steps his foot out of the crease and bowls at the batsman. This is called as a no ball and is an illegal ball because it gives an unfair advantage to the bowler as he is too close to the batsman.

However, there are other drawbacks to bowling a no ball too. One of them is the fact that if the batsman gets out when the bowler has bowled a no-ball, he is given not out. Recent changes in rules for live cricket matches has also made it possible for a batsman to get an extra ball bowled at him in which he can’t get out either. So that is very bad for the bowler and has to practice very hard at the practice nets to make sure that he remains disciplined and does not overstep when he is bowling.

Another way of giving away cheap runs as a bowler is to bowl wide balls. A wide ball is when the ball is bowled too wide from the batsman. It is unfair to the batsman and is termed a wide by the main umpire who takes the decision in this case.

T-20 Cricket

If you are hearing this word for the first time in your life then you probably have been on planet Mars from the past 100 years, because that’s how long cricket is being played on international level. Jokes apart, cricket was until recently considered by many as a boring game. A game that took too long to fetch a result and in the case of test cricket, you could never be sure of a result either.

Inception of T-20 cricket

It’s a short form of the game, takes three hours to fetch a result and produces enough adrenalin to keep every one on the edge of their seats. T-20 has indeed revolutionized cricket and those who used to be skeptic about its success have now accepted it as an important form of the game.

Critics of the T-20 format have blamed this form of the cricket to be destroying the real cricket (often referred to as the Test cricket) which requires more skill and talent. To an extent, it could be true, but playing T-20 match requires its own sets of skills which players specializing in the other formats of the game may not be possessing. One such skill would be handling pressure. A player who is able to handle pressure is bound to be successful because T-20 is a very fast game and a player who is able to hold on to his nerves is sure to make a mark.

There have been two T-20 World Cups until now, the inaugural World Cup which was held in 2007 was won by India under the leadership of M.S.Dhoni and the second one was won by Pakistan in 2009. Going by the history, it seems the Asian teams are better in this format of the game.

However, T-20 format received its boost from two leagues, namely the IPL (Indian Premium League) and ICL (Indian Cricket League). Players from all over the cricketing world have participated in the league due to the high compensation and the exposure that it provides. Both leagues are Indian based and generate a huge amount of revenue. IPL has been awarded the official status by the ICC for holding T-20 league, where as ICL has been labeled as the rebel league and the players have been banned from representing their respective countries.

All said and done, T-20 is the future of the cricket and there is no doubt that there will be more of T-20 in the near future.

Michael Bevan; The God of One-Day Cricket

Thinking of one-day cricket, no one can ever forget Michael Bevan. The achievements of many cricketers can be cited as examples of sporting heroes who rose like a phoenix and became history without a trace. As of Bevan, one can only wonder about what keeps him going on and on. It is his fighting spirit till the end that won Australia many a match.

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Who is Michael Bevan?

He is one of the most gifted cricketers that Australia has ever produced. Born on 8 May 1970 in Belconnen, Bevan has started his career as a dependent batsman for Australia from the very beginning of his career. His average of unattainable 53.58 is still the best in the entire history of one-day cricket. Fondly called as Bevo, he is a useful bowler too during crunch situations.

Unique Batting Style

Michael Bevan is one of those few cricketers who is fast between the wickets besides playing with wit. His timing and placement of ball will be always remembered. The most significant part of his batting is that of the kind of pressure he is used to handle. Perhaps, he is known for chasing the target whenever Australia has to win at any cost. He almost single-handedly provided victories to Australia several times.

Glance at Bevan’s Batting Prowess

Cricket lovers will always remember Michael Bevan as an accomplished player because of his rare histrionics during the World Cup held in 2003. His partnership along with Andy Bichel helped Australia to cruise to the Super Six stage. At that point of time, Australia would have been out of the series if only the match was lost. Bevan returned back to the pavilion unbeaten with a winning score of 74.

A Cricketer of Multiple Facets

Though aptly called as one-day specialist, Bevan is also a useful bowler during the slog overs and a sharp fielder in the covers. His athleticism can be estimated when he is often compared by many with the likes of Jonathan Rhodes, the best ever fielder world cricket has ever produced. The latest news about Michael Bevan is that he is currently coaching Chennai Superstars, one of the winning teams of Indian Premier League or IPL.

Fall of Australian Reign in Cricket

Having been at the top position in the ICC International Cricket rankings for past several years, Australia is experiencing a downfall in its level of cricket. As published in Times of India, it has slumped to 5th position recently after reigning at the number 1 position for almost a period of 4 years. Australia’s recent defeat at the hands of India cost Australia 20 points making it fell by 4 places down in the rankings.

This downfall of the Australian Cricket at International level could be attributed to several major reasons which may have contributed equally. Retirements from the game of cricket by legendary Australian players like Shane Warne and McGrath has weakened the Australian bowling attack sharply. The team definitely misses experience of the 2 great bowlers who played a very vital role in holding Australia at the top most position. Some believe that Australian players have been involved in far too many controversies recently which suggest the lack of concentration on the game by players. Australian cricketers are more interested in winning the matches by foul play and using abusive language on field instead of playing and winning on their capability. Evident from the recent stats released by ICC on September 17th 2009, Australian team captain, Ricky Ponting, has failed to lead from the front for the team in this crisis situation as his average over last 5 series is of mere 21. None of their top order batsmen averages more than 30 over last 7 series which does not give enough total to the team to defend and that too in the absence of any sharp pace bowler. This hampers the winning chances of team as they tend to feel morally down even before they start defending their score.

Whatever people may say and write about the cricket team of Australia but the fact remains that they have been the champions for past 4 years so they definitely have the material in them. Everyone has bad patches but the true champions know how to overcome their times and again rise to the top. So for all the Australian cricket fans, hope has still not died as they expect their champions to perform exceedingly well again and regain their top slot soon by performing well in the upcoming Champions trophy scheduled for October this year.

India’s Rise to the Top in the World of Cricket

India’s recent Test Match victory over Sri Lanka saw the Indian team move to the number one position in cricket’s Test Match world rankings. It was the first time that the Indians had received such a position.
In many ways, their rise to the top of the rankings was a reflection in the emergence of India as the new super-power in the world of cricket. They’re achievement in confirming their position as the best team on the field follows the increase in influence that India’s cricketers and administrators have had in recent years.

Gone are the days when international cricket was dominated by the likes of England, Australia and South Africa. Those traditional cricketing powers have had to move over, being replaced by India.

Given the massive population of the country and increasing wealth, this probably shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise. The last couple of years have seen more and more top cricketers drawn to play in India’s leading domestic competition – the Indian Premier League (IPL). Seeing the world’s best players competing for the Indian provincial sides has demonstrated that the players certainly know where the money and the prestige are to be found.

But these developments have been about far more than just money. There’s a great passion for the game in India and leading home-grown players, such as Tendulkar, Dravid and Dhoni have been experiencing the thrill of playing in packed, lively grounds for some time. It’s natural that great overseas players should want to share the experience.

We might ponder what the future holds. It’s already clear that most Indian fans are considerably more interested by the shorter forms of the game than they are by five day Test Matches. Does that mean that Test cricket is set to die? Fans in Australia and England will certainly hope not. It seems unthinkable that there should ever be a time when the great Ashes contests, for instance, are seen as an inconvenience.

Shorter cricket matches may involve a faster pace and great excitement for spectators but it’s the longer form of the game that many still see as the ultimate contest between bat and ball. It’s during Test Matches that we get to see who the great players really are.

It’s clear that the current generation of Indian cricketers appreciate this too. They want to be compared with the likes of Ricky Ponting, Graeme Smith and the great players of previous generations too. If they are to be seen in a positive light then they know that they need to perform well in the longer matches.

VVS Laxman is Near the End of His Cricket Career

Sourav Ganguly’s retirement after the Border – Gavaskar trophy will surely start a search for the player who can replace him as the pillar of the Indian team in the tests as well as the one day matches. This will also start a search for the players who can replace the four other main pillars of the Indian cricket team who, too, are at the verge of retiring and may announce their retirement in the years to come. Let us have a look at the players who may replace these great players. Though it is difficult to find the players of the likes of Sachin, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble or VVS Laxman, some or the other player will have to replace them. So, a big question takes its place in the minds of all the cricket lovers.
Will the retirement of these five players leave team India again to its old state of being an underdog? Or Are there any possible replacements for the five players?

Let us see the possible replacements for the five players one by one. This article will focus on the possible replacements for VVS Laxman. VVS Laxman is a right hander batsman whose technique has earned the acknowledgement of all the cricket lovers. He is well known for the stylish shots that he can plays to the leg side from the off side. He can play any ball from the off side to the leg side with the help of his wrists. He gained an important place in the Indian team after the test match against Australia where India was forced to follow on. But VVS Laxman along with Rahul Dravid not only saw to it that India did not lose the match, but also made runs enough to win the test match for India. He made 281 runs in that test match. It was the highest score by any Indian batsman which was later broken by Virendra Sehwag.

Let’s have a look at the players who may replace VVS Laxman:

Rohit Sharma: Though Rohit Sharma is the proper replacement for Sachin Tendulkar as he seems to have the temperament; he also is the only possible replacement for VVS Laxman. He has all the shots that VVS Laxman is well known for, except for that artwork of his wrists. Rohit Sharma has an added advantage of having a better technique against the swinging ball which VVS Laxman lacked.

A Conspiracy Against Cricket

The cricketing world is a strange world. It is not less than intriguing politics. All the elements of corruption are involved in this game due to glamour money and fame. The players play politics to strengthen their grip over the boards. The boards conspire to oust the players and the rival teams play politics to humiliate the opposite teams by hook or by crook. The events of the recent past are enough to witness the view point.

Whenever a player bowler or batsman produce extra ordinary difficulties for the Australian or European players they make him target. They have spoiled the career of many players of high profile. A few succeeded to escape their evil clutches but many fell a prey to their mischievous shenanigans .they opposed Murli tharan, asif shoaib akhtar, shabbier and many more. When they fail in such accusative plans they try to entangle them in engineered corruption.

When the English players saw that Pakistani team has come out of the bag and is able to destroy any side they planned against the super batsman and the match winning bowler at a critical time. The alleged corruption could not be proved even by the Scotland Yard but the ICC is perplexing the situation. The youngsters are debarred from playing cricket.

Amir who is the one and only bowler with a lot of varieties deceiving the star batsmen is facing the charges without proof. Same is the case with other players. The newspaper cock and bull stories about their corruption and alleged involvement in the match fixing and book making have not been proved by any one. It is clear that the aim of the planners was to oust him from Pakistani squad. In the same way Muhammad asif who is the name of pace bowling is facing the same fate.

Why is so?

I can forecast that they would prove clean as the aims have been fulfilled. it is not fair not only with the players but also with the game .in fact it is the Pakistan cricket board that is involved in selling players and the game not the players . Pakistani board could not assure the ICC about the security of the players. Srilanka and India are more vulnerable sites for playing cricket as far as security is concerned but their boards are sincere with the game and their country. The alleged corruption of Pakistani board is concealed by making the players scapegoat. The ICC should have certain rules also that could oust the corrupt chairmen too.